Craig is an explorer and a builder. He’s on an eternal quest to map every rock and tree in the Creek. But when he’s not journeying into the unknown, he’s at his hang out, The Stump, building catapults, ziplines and giantsized glue traps for enemies.


Kelsey is in third grade and she sees herself as a gritty, grizzled warrior. She lives with her dad and she spends a lot of her time at home devouring fantasy books. 


JP is a sixth grader who still has the heart of a kindergartner. He is sweet but clumsy, and he is often getting into a mess. JP goes with the flow and doesn’t really care what other kids say about him.


Craig e i suoi due amici Kelsey e JP vivono bellissime avventure nella natura selvaggia conosciuta come Creek: un posto pieno di azione e incredibili storie

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